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I think we should start a petition and demand that at least 5% of all MS drug profits go into a cure fund. We need to start  a movement. Time is something those of us with MS do not have.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more guys!

    If big pharma can profiteer off of chronic conditions then a percentage of those profits should be re-invested into confirmed research programs for the cure of those chronic conditions.

    I think 5% would be setting your hopes a little too high, but even if 0.5% had to be paid off of each big pharma’s net profits we would still be looking at hundred of millions of research money being sent to the cure of humanity’s most horrible afflictions.

    If nothing else a rally like this will at least show to the masses, which side of the fence big pharma is really on?
    If they refuse to help cure conditions that they will gladly profit from’s existence, that wouldn’t be the greatest advertisement for their companies, would it?

    Now who out there is good at organisation of a petition?

    msblogbank – let me know if I can be of any use.


    1. Thank you Nicky! I am new to all this blog stuff, but I want to get a petition started happy to do it here. If people want to add their name and info they can send it to my email here. All personal informationwill only be used on petition. Please spread the word. I hope to be speaking with my Senator in August. Lets go!! Thanks


      1. You could maybe startup a petition on ?

        I have seen a few petitions on that site regarding Multiple Sclerosis and some of them of the same vein as this idea. I think the ones I have seen before have been centralized to changing a specific countries government policies. I don’t remember seeing one asking for big pharma to be held accountable for research into a cure money.


  2. Anyone have any luck with this. I truly believe this is the correct approach. I’m willing to offer my assistance in whatever way you may require.


      1. I have not yet, they say there is going to be a talk later this month. I will keep you posted on that. In the mean time I question the never ending rehashing and restudying the same old drugs.

        Do we really need a study on ballroom dancing and MS?


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