Vaccine for MS Russia

“Xemys is showing positive results in pre-clinical and clinical trialsand is soon to enter Phase 3 clinical testing. Xemys was developed by researchers at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and their colleagues.”

The below is from a personal email sent to me from Russian.

“The most important phase of clinical trials is just in preparation. OSJC Pharmsynthez is coordinating upcoming trials. Probably on Phase III they decide to do it outside Russia, however they still have not informed us.”

We need to push ASAP for these trials, why aren’t they going on outside Russia?  Lets help them, what can we do?

The Russian’s have stated they don’t want to pay the high costs for MS drugs as they have to buy from other countries. So they are looking for a cure. Is it all about money still, yes but at least I might get cured in the process.

I am not my disease, I am also more then a tool for profit for Big Pharma.


Author: msblogbank

MS Advocate for Change

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